New CHRISTmas PK Crewnecks

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So its time again to release a crewneck; and I hope have been saving moms money or your own lunch money. But anyways w/ this release w/ the Forest Green Crews; we wanted to tie it in w/ the Holiday’s. So from now on we are gonna try to stay consistent w/ dropping two crews and when there is a holiday we will drop that hotness w/ som spirit. So just see what I have for a lot of these months (muahahaha). But releasing w/ these crews constantly and saving the extra dough, just wait till we drop a whole load of bomb shells. Just whats all in my head for whats gonna go down before the mid of 2010; I really hope yah ready. So enjoy this Xmas and times (month) w/ your family. Dont be stingy and give a lot or even a lil. Shouts out to alotta ppl that f*ck w/ me and @PhleshKlothing alone. Everyone of yah are the Shizzz.!


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-TayyPHLESH ; Tayy ; Dante’ (the triple threat)


Late Night Ownage

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Laying in bed at 4:00am knowing I have to be up and work by 1pm, leaves me hardly anytime to sleep. I am one person that loves to be up and out of bed before 10am, and idk if that’s good; but its my goal. I just know late nights like this and hanging w/ TrePHLE$H ; KayyPHLE$H & BhuddaPHLE$H leave me dreadfull the next moring. I know on gods green earth, that I have no chance and will be suprised if I’m even up by 12pm. I guess this is just a night that I have to “Own” and I sure will. Ima maybe end up calling my 5am girl, and waking that ass up, but well see. So until then ima let my gladë candle burn, bros in the other room YELL, and let my laptop repeat through @onAEthang ‘s mixtape. My mind at the time of night makes times in my life so great. The decisions that flow through my body, the ideas that fire up my finger tips, and the tingle that gives me ways to express a lot is remarkable.

But anyways; make sure you put nn order out for these new crews for xmas. Because there gonna be so soft, (meaning dope) and on my mama”s everyone will love the holiday cheer it/they bring. So be on the lookout for em. They”ll be done tomorro or Friday. And if there’s any after the event sat, well drop em sunday/Monday…If not, well release a few more in all sizes. “Holla For A Dolla”

×TayyPHLESH ; Tayy ; Danté (the triple threat)

Snick @ Nite by @CurtissKing

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COMO? ha

This mix tape is a must have to end the year of 09′. It really takes you back to the old-times; when you didnt have anything on your mind but cartoons and running the playground with your friends. He honestly put in work on this mix tape for a minute; and I can say that all this work payed of in full. All these sample of the old 90′ Nickelodeon shows, can take you back. To mix up hip-hop so crucial like Curtiss has done for months that ive known him. I can honestly say that I have so much RESPECT for this man and all his amazing beats; he gets down on.!

Snick @ Nite Tracklist

  • 1. VHS Intro
  • 2. Salute Your Shorts
  • 3. Guttah Gullah Island
  • 4. Guts ft. Art Barz
  • 5. Doug Interlude
  • 6. Bangin On A Trash Can
  • 7. Ren & Stimpy ft. Pheo & Ramone Jones
  • 8. Clarissa Explains It All ft. Oktane from Audio Push
  • 9. My Brother and Me
  • 10. Are You Afraid interlude
  • 11. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? ft. Faimkills and Noa James
  • 12. We All That
  • 13. Snick @ Nite Outro



-Jasper (JASPERorDIE)

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Hey there,

I wanna thank anyone and everyone a Happy Turkeyday. My new tee is gonna be up for sale tomorro and I want everyone to buy my tee w/ a huge print of my face on it. And we weill keep releasing me on diffrent colored tee”s. And also soon my wife; and two kids will be coming into town (Riverside, CA).

But anyways, I wanna wish everyone the best and thanks for everything you have done for phlesh and the family we are. And thanks to fans; supporters; friends; family & the whole U.S.Hope you all stuff your face and gain weight, so you have a new years resolution to drop all the pounds between now and xmas. By the way, I hope yah enjoy this time together, and don’t take advantage of it, just be thankful. LOVE YOU ALL.!

-Jasper (JASPERorDIE)

WWF Old-School Classic

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One of the most random but funniest moments as growing up. The Rock’s moves were the best growing up and im sure everyone was on this shhh. The Rock had “The Peoples Eyebrow” “The Rock Bottom” & “The Peoples Elbow”, and til’ this day me and Cellz are still laughing at it. It all started from a picture I have hanging around my room w/ (Tre/Kayy/Me) actually doing “The Peoples Eyebrow”. This shhh was amazing; should I dedicate myself an old day (where I just lax from everything and get on my old-school tip). Hmmm that would be classic.

Old-School CLASSIC


#NewPHLESHCrewnecks & #NewPHLESHSnapbacks

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Our crewnecks are very limited, becausee we want ppl to not feel that everyone around the world are wearing the same stuff. So we decided to limit the product of crews; and just cook up more colors when were almost sold out. So this gives a lot of ppl more chance w/ limited product.So these are the new crewnecks in purple/turquoise & maroon/cancer pink. Then we also released black&white trucker snapbacks. This is just samples for the hats because  we wanna see what a lot of ppl like out here. So stay tuned because were gonna be pushing out a lot of product from now til’ XMAS. So visit/shop/enjoy at

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“Cooley Street” by JayeCooley

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Much respect to my dude JayeCooley on the release of his new mixtape “Cooley Street”. Cooley is prolly the youngest dudes we actually run w/ and sponser; so big ups to the bro. And he actually has the 1st track off the “Vamptober Mixtape”. But anyways, I really thought that his last mixtape was fire “The Coolerst”; but this ma”an did that shhh again. This mixtape is a must have download; each track is unique and his bars are so smooth and SOLID as he would say ha. But download this fire and let it blow threw yah speakers. ALL RESPECT CooleyPHLESH.!

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