farwell 2K9…


Hope everyone and their family and friends have a wonderful New years. Ima most defiantly gonna bring the night/day in w/ some hot ass drank and a couple of those special chocolate covered broccoli bites. Just stay safe and “Own The Night”; and thats on my mama. Hope we as PK/Y$ held yah down, this whole year. I know damn well this year we were on. So shouts out to everyone that was apart of PHLESH KLOTHING; thanks to the whole YUNG $OCIETY for handling and the great nights. And everyone that appreciative of what we all been doing and the grind. 2K10 this is only gonna grow and we want everyone w/ us. VAMPIRES.!

-TayyPHLESH x Tayy x DanteMarcelSmith (triple threat)


What’s phlesh*n pimps hoes &nd vixens?. Yu kno who tha phukk it is . Phirst &nd phoremost I wanna start by saying thank yu yo all of our supporters &nd everyone that keeps us in the air &nd out of the light on that VAMPIRE shhh haha . 2oo9 was a “swell” ass year phrom the phirst collection to the limited edition crews . Yaw show love, &nd we show love bakk by releasin shit that bring ya phangs out . Yaw kno what I mean when yu put on that crewnekk bephore yu hit the phunction . Lol . Big ups to all our sponsoree*s haha . I love yaw &nd we goin places so phly with us as we own tha nite when everything happens &nd everyones sleeping on us . Phle$h Klothing Records?. Hmmmm ;nD Stay tuned like yu tryna win tikkets to a show , b/c we phunna give yaw an encore 1.1.10-12.31.10 Peace.L<3VE.Phle$h

-Marcel “CellzPHLE$H” Garland Jr.


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