Art/Phashion/Photography are my most ma”an objects I love in my everyday. Something so simple can be turned into the three. With Art expressing yourself in life or in the world, in a lot of areas around the world. Phashion is what I like a lot because you can easily change-up a style in an instant step. Phashion can consist of the smallest changed in an outfit or design and turn out into something so awesome. And the Photography; one of my main loves that I recently just was able to get into and its phenomenal what you can see through a camera lense. To me it feels like a whole nother world, that I wanna see more of. So here what I see through a Nikon DX lense.

-TayyPHLESH (InThePhleshPhotography)


One Response to “InThePhleshPhotography.?”

  1. mariphlesh Says:

    Were A Team (inphlesh photography )yahh love yah sunshine

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