Xmas {recap}

First of all; Thankful for every person thats even apart of my life. This whole year was a rough and steep, but it was made into the best as it could have been. This whole year and closing is great to see what you have accomplished and whose there thick and thin.! But anyways; thanks to everyone that got me a gift/ text me or called me happy Xmas/ thanks for the aims/ MySpace IM & messages. This years #top-notch gift all my gifts to be honest, because every gift meant that much more. So w/ this Xmas I got a new Nikon D3000 and Ima tell you and show you, the damage that this beast can do. Having it only 5hours, I was loaded w/ about 200+ pictures. Heres an idea of how my good ol’ 2009 Xmas went. {minus the 8am breakfast for moms and the opening of the gifts/camera} Thanks @Katopk ; @MariPhlesh_13 #Tre .




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