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W/ this craziness this month that were tryna put together; were gonna release some new crewnecks for the “warehouse sale”. These crewnecks, I promise you that they will make you look both ways before walking; “for your safety”. Anyways come out if you in the OC or near. We should be hitting it early or late for maybe a photo shoot in my home town. By the way, look very close on this small project that im sure will be a very good look on both ends when the collabs finished.

WM x PK 2010



I Feel Like….@NickyDsss

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If you’re searching for that #fire; I would gladly say is time to give up the never-ending search. This young talented as nigga from the Murda Val, CA is it. Putting I.E more on the map is all I wanna do, so I support what I know can help doing so. I’ve been listening to the homie @NickyDsss for a few months after he got put on and performed a while back. Not gonna lie I hit this nigga the day after the function and chopped it and what not. This dudes just real as it can get and can murder the pen and paper. Fuck w/ em ma”an.!

Click Image To Download.!


And Thats @onAEthang

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This dude from the Bay is so damn raw and tou can’t ever expect the same. His talent is non-stop and can switch it up anytime of the day/NIGHT. #Vampires or slice your wrists.!

Click Image For Hit New Single@onAEthang


One Swell Trip…

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On a sweet trip to LA w/ the family; we hit up some awesomeness sites and i caught a few pictures. But anyways, this trip was for my bro”s friend #Lori. And being her first time out in Cali; we took her to the worlds-famous/fantastic/orgasmic (La County) all hype. But in the trip it was consisted of Melrose ; Rosco”s ; and Hollyhood. So on this sweet ass trip w/ what it felt like no ending, turned out being hella awesome. Great bondage and a lot of pictures and art. So being told; this trip wasnt wasteful and sorta was a helarious adventure and top of all that. Some arts being drawn up right now.! Thanks much @GentlePK


-TayyPHLESH (InThePhleshPhotography)


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farwell 2K9…


Hope everyone and their family and friends have a wonderful New years. Ima most defiantly gonna bring the night/day in w/ some hot ass drank and a couple of those special chocolate covered broccoli bites. Just stay safe and “Own The Night”; and thats on my mama. Hope we as PK/Y$ held yah down, this whole year. I know damn well this year we were on. So shouts out to everyone that was apart of PHLESH KLOTHING; thanks to the whole YUNG $OCIETY for handling and the great nights. And everyone that appreciative of what we all been doing and the grind. 2K10 this is only gonna grow and we want everyone w/ us. VAMPIRES.!

-TayyPHLESH x Tayy x DanteMarcelSmith (triple threat)


What’s phlesh*n pimps hoes &nd vixens?. Yu kno who tha phukk it is . Phirst &nd phoremost I wanna start by saying thank yu yo all of our supporters &nd everyone that keeps us in the air &nd out of the light on that VAMPIRE shhh haha . 2oo9 was a “swell” ass year phrom the phirst collection to the limited edition crews . Yaw show love, &nd we show love bakk by releasin shit that bring ya phangs out . Yaw kno what I mean when yu put on that crewnekk bephore yu hit the phunction . Lol . Big ups to all our sponsoree*s haha . I love yaw &nd we goin places so phly with us as we own tha nite when everything happens &nd everyones sleeping on us . Phle$h Klothing Records?. Hmmmm ;nD Stay tuned like yu tryna win tikkets to a show , b/c we phunna give yaw an encore 1.1.10-12.31.10 Peace.L<3VE.Phle$h

-Marcel “CellzPHLE$H” Garland Jr.


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Art/Phashion/Photography are my most ma”an objects I love in my everyday. Something so simple can be turned into the three. With Art expressing yourself in life or in the world, in a lot of areas around the world. Phashion is what I like a lot because you can easily change-up a style in an instant step. Phashion can consist of the smallest changed in an outfit or design and turn out into something so awesome. And the Photography; one of my main loves that I recently just was able to get into and its phenomenal what you can see through a camera lense. To me it feels like a whole nother world, that I wanna see more of. So here what I see through a Nikon DX lense.

-TayyPHLESH (InThePhleshPhotography)

Xmas {recap}

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First of all; Thankful for every person thats even apart of my life. This whole year was a rough and steep, but it was made into the best as it could have been. This whole year and closing is great to see what you have accomplished and whose there thick and thin.! But anyways; thanks to everyone that got me a gift/ text me or called me happy Xmas/ thanks for the aims/ MySpace IM & messages. This years #top-notch gift all my gifts to be honest, because every gift meant that much more. So w/ this Xmas I got a new Nikon D3000 and Ima tell you and show you, the damage that this beast can do. Having it only 5hours, I was loaded w/ about 200+ pictures. Heres an idea of how my good ol’ 2009 Xmas went. {minus the 8am breakfast for moms and the opening of the gifts/camera} Thanks @Katopk ; @MariPhlesh_13 #Tre .